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Pregnancy Diary Week 37

What's happening for you & your baby
Pregnancy Diary Week by Week

Are you one of the women whose dreams have become more vivid and intensive?

Pregnancy Diary Week by Week

Pregnancy Week 37 - How Is Your Baby Growing?

By pregnancy week 37, the baby’s lungs have developed to the maturity needed to adjust to living outside the womb, although a few babies may need a bit more time. 

This is the reason the practitioner schedules repeat c-sections no earlier than the 39 week mark unless there happens to be a medical reason to intervene earlier.

Pregnancy Week 37 - What You Can Expect

By the time you are 37 weeks pregnant, the average baby is 6 1/3 pounds in weight and is just over the 19 inch mark. By this time, many babies will have a full head of hair and locks that measure from 1/2 to 1 1/2 inches in length. Do not be surprised if the baby’s hair colour differs from yours. Some dark-haired couples are thrown for a loop by children born as redheads or blondes and those with lighter hair are often surprised when the baby is an Elvis look-alike. Of course, there are other babies that are born with only peach fuzz.

The baby will soon move down into the pelvis, reducing the pressure on the stomach and chest and making breathing as well as eating much easier, although walking can be more uncomfortable.

Braxton Hicks contractions occur more frequently at 37 weeks pregnant, can last longer and may cause more discomfort. There may also be an increase in vaginal discharges. A bloody show of mucus tinged with a small amount of blood in the undies, or toilet indicate labour is only a few days away. However, if there is heavier spotting it is important to call the caregiver immediately.

Pregnancy week 37 often means it is even more difficult to find a comfortable position in which to sleep at night. Take it easy during the day if possible, as this could be your last few chances to do so for a while. Keep monitoring the movements of the baby and let the caregiver know if there is a decrease in them. Even though space is getting tighter for the baby, she should remain as active as earlier.

When you are sleeping, it is very likely you will experience intense dreams. You may be anxious about going into labour as well as becoming a parent, fuelling many strange unconscious fantasies.

Courgettes For Pregnancy Nutrition

These green skinned vegetables are very flexible and can be integrated into many dishes. Pop them into a stir-fry, in nice thin strips, or use them as a veg accompaniment to a huge range of dishes.

Did you know that courgettes can help ease or even cure asthma? They have a lot of anti inflammatory properties and a good bit of Vitamin C. With Vitamin C they can help prevent bruising and scurvy.

Courgettes have generous amounts of potassium, folate and Vitamin A, plus lutein which is good for the eyes.

They can also help prevent the onset of multiple sclerosis – MS. A regular intake of courgettes lower high homocysteine levels and they are also supportive in capillary arrangement.

As this vegetable has a very high water content, in fact it is more than 95%, they are also helpful in controlling weight, as part of a properly balanced diet. So don’t forget courgettes once you’ve had your baby and you want to get back into shape!

pregnancy nutrition courgettes


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