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Pregnancy Diary Week 30

What's happening for you & your baby
Pregnancy Diary Week by Week
Did you know that between 10% to 20% of women battle with depression or anxiety during pregnancy? Don’t feel alone if this is true for you, tell your caregiver and trust people close to you that will support you during this time. This experience varies depending on the person, some women, up to 70.8% of pregnant ladies, will experience one notable mood episode. The biggest mistake you can make is not seeking support as this could exacerbate the situation. By pregnancy week 30 you may be starting to think more about the birth, as you can now see the light at the end of tunnel – so can baby! Remember every pregnancy is different, and if you are feeling pretty good considering the changes and extra weight you are now supporting, that is great.
Pregnancy Diary Week by Week

Pregnancy Week 30 - How Is Your Baby Growing?

Baby is now weighing in around 3 lbs (1.36 kg) and from head to toe is around 15.7 inches (39.87 cm) in length. From now on you can expect baby to increase by around half a pound each week. Baby’s digestive tract and lungs are very close to full development. Her eyes are maturing and by week 30 of pregnancy baby is able to follow a light source with her eyes. She can see light at the end of the tunnel. When baby is born her vision is 20/400, which means she can see somewhere between 20 and 30cm distance, and she will spend lots of time with her eyes closed.
An adult’s normal vision is 20/20, which a child will only have when she is eight years old, if she has normal vision. She could be batting her eyelashes by now and also has her eyebrows! Baby’s brain is growing every day and by now it is taking on characteristics such as wrinkles and grooves. She should now have the ability to regulate her own body heat and this means that she will start shedding her lanugo hair. Surrounded by about a litre of amniotic fluid, baby may be hiccuping at this time, which can feel like little flutters to you.

Pregnancy Week 30 - What You Can Expect

As pregnancy hormones secrete in your body, your joints will be loosening up. These hormones enable your pelvic muscles to be more relaxed for delivery day. However this relaxing also affects the muscle ring that separates your oesophagus from your stomach, which means you can be experiencing heartburn. This is a common ailment and is made worse as your uterus continues to expand.
The relaxation, added to the concentrated weight gain, which causes a shift in your centre of gravity, is probably making you feel clumsier than you would normally be. In some cases the muscle relaxation can affect the feet, which may even spread permanently. You are gaining around 1lb per week to support baby’s development. With all of this, it is no wonder that you may be feeling a bit tired at the moment.

Brain Food For Pregnancy You & Baby

As baby’s brain continues to develop and you want to support this growth, as well as eating healthily for yourself, here are some ideas of foods that are excellent for brain development. Healthy fortified cereals Start the day with a fortified cereal. Choose something that you enjoy, but avoid ones that are high in sugar or salt. Wheaties is one good choice, but there are others on the market also. Fortified cereals contain choline and folic acid, as well as numerous micro-nutrients, which are essential for baby’s brain development. Nuts And Seeds There are omega-3 fats in both nuts and seeds, as well as other important nutrients for brain development, like vitamin B6. It is easy to add in a handful each day, either on your cereal, or in a natural yoghurt, or on top of a salad. The highest in omega-3 fats are walnuts. Sea Vegetables A great way to get folic acid, iodine, omega-3 fatty acids and choline into your system is by eating sea vegetables. There are many seaweeds available, such as nori and in Ireland we have our own varieties. However the one you shouldn’t eat is hijiki, which is a brown sea vegetable which contains a good bit of arsenic. Fruit And Vegetables Fruit and vegetables are part of any healthy diet, containing lots of nourishment and vitamins. Leafy greens, sweet potatoes and carrots are helpful for both brain development and for eyesight. Foods With Zinc Zinc plays an important part in the development of your baby’s brain. You can find zinc in toasted pumpkin seeds, wheat germ, tahini, peanuts and chocolate. Fish Some fish are high in mercury, so although these should be avoided, there are many other fish that are very helpful for your baby’s brain development. Ideally you should these fish once or twice each week. Some of the beneficial fish are: Salmon Tuna Herring Trout

Baked Dill Salmon With Seaweed And Roasted Peppers

Salmon is very easy to bake, and tasty. Just pop it into an oven dish, pour a little olive oil and cover the salmon with oil on both sides. Sprinkle salt and pepper, to your taste. Chop some fresh dill and sprinkle a little of this on the salmon. The seaweed needs to be rinsed and left, just follow the instructions on whatever seaweed packet that you buy. Chop red and yellow peppers (green if you like them, they are more difficult to digest for some people) into cubes, or strips, whichever you prefer. Strips look more elegant when presented. These can go into the oven before the salmon. They should also have some olive oil. Depending on the portion size, they take around half an hour to be soft and succulent, but not soggy. The oven should be at 220. When the peppers are around half done, then you can put in the salmon. Turn the salmon after about 7 minutes onto its other side, sprinkling a little more dill. This dish doesn’t need a sauce as the juices of both the peppers and the salmon mixed with olive oil are very tasty. However if you fancy a sauce, then put aside about half to three quarters of the dill. Chop it finely, mixing it with a small amount of olive oil, in a small pan. Add in a couple of knobs of butter, and once it is all melted and joining together, whizz it with the food mixer. Dill is an excellent source of calcium, and is also anti bacterial.

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