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Pregnancy Diary Week 19

What's happening for you & your baby


Pregnancy Diary Week by Week

This week continues to see changes for you and your baby. Find out what fascinating changes are happening inside your body during pregnancy week 19. Also find out how the humble blackberry, which grows abundantly in Ireland, can help both you and your baby.

Pregnancy Diary Week by Week

Pregnancy Week 19 - How Is Your Baby Growing?

By this time, your baby is now over 8 ounces in weight and around 10 inches in length. Surprised for the sudden increase in length? Your baby can now stretch her body a little bit so her length can now be measured almost accurately.

The length of her legs and arms are now proportioned with the rest of her body now. Hairs continue to sprout on her scalp and her kidneys continue to produce urine. Also, the baby begins to digest the diet of the amniotic fluid. If you are having a baby girl, she may already have around 6 millions eggs in her ovaries.

Pregnancy Week 19 - What You Can Expect

Pregnancy symptoms such as pains and aches in the abdominal area are still present. This is due to the stretching muscles caused by the growing baby. Leg cramps and hip pains can also be experienced. Also, light headedness or dizziness can occur.

Apart from these symptoms, you are aware of your growing size. This is normal, and the main thing is to continue to eat a healthy, varied, well balanced diet.

You may also notice that the palms of your hands are getting red. This is actually caused by extra oestrogen in the body. Some women have noticed red patches on their cheeks, forehead, and upper lip. This phenomenon is called chloasma. You may also have noticed the darkening of your freckles, nipples, underarms, scars, vulva and thighs. After delivery, these darkened spots will eventually fade.

Blackberries For Pregnancy Nutrition

Blackberries are powerful fruits composed of highly potent substances that are beneficial to the body. They contain high levels of Vitamins A, E, C, K and fibre which are known for their profound benefits to the human body. Vitamin A is useful in optimising eye health. Meanwhile, Vitamins E and C contain antioxidant properties which help fight infections and enhance one’s immunity. Vitamin E helps in preventing blood clotting and promotes better calcium absorption.

Fibres are beneficial in reducing cholesterol, improving digestion and enhancing colon health. Blackberries are also rich in polyphenols, ellagic acid, anthocyanins and antioxidants which are known for their cancer fighting abilities. These nutrients also contain anti-inflammatory effects. According to research, inflammation is a major risk factor for cancer.

Apart from their fibre content, which is helpful in warding off constipation, blackberries are excellent sources of folate which is very important in the growing and developing foetus. According to research, folate is useful in preventing the development of neural tube and other birth defects. It also helps in reducing women’s risk for miscarriage.

Aside from its ability to increase one’s energy, blackberries are also believed to be rich in sodium but minimal fats which can help in enhancing foetal brain development. This super fruit is also rich in potassium and Vitamin E which are also beneficial in pregnant women. When eating blackberries, take safety precautions first. Make sure to wash them first as they may contain fertilizer, pesticides and other chemicals which can increase your risks for birth defects. Never take stale berries which normally have moulds. They can cause food poisoning and abdominal pain.

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Pregnancy Diary Week 19

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