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Phosphorus in pregnancy

When you want to build strong bones in both you and your baby, it’s important to eat phosphorus in pregnancy. Around 85% of phosphorus that is found in the human body is found in the bones.

Phosphorus is also incredibly important for bodily functions like blood clotting, kidney function, tissue and cell repair, muscle contractions and a normal heart rhythm. This mineral is able to assist the body in generating and using energy.

Phosphorus in pregnancy sources beans

Phosphorus in pregnancy sources

Phosphorus can be found in generous quantities in foods that contain protein such as meat, lentils, beans, nuts and milk products. Whole grains are also a good source of phosphorus. Vegetables and fruit also contain phosphorus, but in smaller amounts.

Phosphorus works with calcium

Phosphorus requires calcium in order to help build bones.For good bone health the right amount of phosphorus and calcium is required. Additionally Vitamin D is needed to be able to absorb phosphorus well.

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