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Date: May 2, 2019

Source: George Washington University

Date: 2nd May 2019

Doctors discovered that using the mobile app, Babyscripts, led to a reduction in prenatal in-person visits. Research showed that both provider and patient satisfaction were also maintained.

In a Forbes article, entitled, Babyscripts Aims To Revolutionize Prenatal Care In The U.S, you can learn more about the app.

Developed with the close collaboration of obstetricians at The George Washington University School of Medicine, Babyscripts is unique because it’s aimed at clinicians, not consumers.

A practice or clinic must agree to use the platform, and then low-risk patients interested in using it receive a “Mommy Kit” with an FDA-approved WiFi- and Bluetooth-enabled blood pressure cuff and weight scale. The app directs patients to take their blood pressure and weigh in regularly so that issues such as high blood pressure or too much weight gain can be identified earlier, not just when a woman shows up for her monthly prenatal appointment.

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