At Merrion Fetal Health we offer a wide range of ultrasound & imaging services. We offer early pregnancy scans and reassurance, nuchal translucency scans, later dating pregnancy scans, anatomy survey scans, growth & well-being scans and post dates and liquor scans. Fertility & gynae scans are also available on referral. We also have a dedicated phlebotomy clinic.

In a healthy pregnancy, the various pregnancy scans are performed to keep track of your baby’s development and health, and often act as a source of reassurance. However, although the majority of babies are healthy at birth, unfortunately there are about 2-3 % of babies who are born with a birth defect. About half of these major defects will be seen on scan and half will not be detected during pregnancy. This means that even if your scan is apparently normal there is still a small chance that your baby may still have a problem because the ultrasound has its limitations.

Pregnancy Scans & Services

Below you can click on the colourful icon links for all the different pregnancy scans, and read about each of them. Some also include a video presented by one of our consultants who explains the scan in question.

Harmony Prenatal Test

This is a simple, safe blood test that is now available at Merrion Fetal Health – see the video and find out more about this service by clicking on Harmony Prenatal Test

Follow On Treatment Is Available

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