Pregnancy Medical Studies

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Pregnancy Medical Studies

antibiotics during pregnancyAntibiotics During Pregnancy – Study On Mice Suggests Obesity Could Be A Side Effect



outstanding performers nature v nuture blondzombie.wordpress.comAre Outstanding Performers Born or Created? Pregnancy Nature v Nuture



Human Embryo by Dr. Vilas Gayakwad - Own work.

Fetal Growth and Newborn Size International Standards September 2014 – “The huge improvement in health care we can achieve is unprecedented.”


Aerlingus flying when pregnantFlying When Pregnant – What Does The British Medical Journal Have to Say – Flying When Pregnant



folic acid artichokeFolic Acid For Pregnancy – This article features a few different medical studies to back up the conclusions – Folic Acid For Pregnancy


Broccoli methyl rich foods pregnancyMethyl Rich Foods In Pregnancy – Their Amazing Role For All People – Learn how they affect your baby’s and all peoples’ gene expression


Vitamin D Cod Liver Oil Pregnancy

Vitamin D In Pregnancy – The Importance of Vitamin D in Pregnancy and General Health – features a range of medical studies and our overview of the information.


Vitamin E in pregnancyVitamin E In Pregnancy – 9 Vital Functions For Your Baby – this article looks at why Vitamin E is so important, and also when is the most important time to take it. It assesses information from a study published in September 2014.