Pregnancy Common Concerns

It is entirely normal to have concerns about your pregnancy, and we hope to be able to answer some of these here. This pregnancy common concerns reference list is in alphabetical order, but if your concern is not addressed here please do let us know by email :

Air Travel

Learn About Flying When Pregnancy

Am I Pregnant

Understanding Pregnancy Symptoms


Understand the Causes and Find Out What To Do

Asthma In Pregnancy

How To Be Prepared


What Is Amniocentesis?  – This explanation includes a video presented by Dr. Shane Higgins

Anxiety During Pregnancy

Some Sensible Advice


Help With Not Drinking Alcohol During Your Pregnancy – Please also read Fetal Alcohol Syndrome, this is very important

Back Pain In Pregnancy

Some Helpful Tips To Help Reduce It

Bleeding or Spotting

Understanding This Especially In Early Pregnancy

Breastfeeding Series – Choose from links below

Breastfeeding Benefits for Mum & Baby

Mother and Baby – Learning to Nurse

Overcoming Common Breastfeeding Challenges

Caffeine During Pregnancy

What Are The Serious Risks? Are You At Higher Risk?

Carbon Monoxide Poisoning And Pregnancy

What You Need To Know

Cervical Insufficiency

What Is It And What You Can Do

Chickenpox During Pregnancy

Causes And What To Do

Coronary Heart Disease In Pregnancy

What You Need To Know

Dental Health In Pregnancy

Some Essential Facts

Depression During Pregnancy

Some Really Supportive Facts

Diabetes In Pregnancy

What You Need To Know Before Conception

Diabetes During Pregnancy

Some Essential Facts

Ectopic Pregnancy

What Is An Ectopic Pregnancy

Epilepsy In Pregnancy

How Best To Manage It

Fetal Alcohol Syndrome

A Condition That Every Mum To Be Needs to Understand

Fifth Disease And Pregnancy

The Essential Facts

Folic Acid For Pregnancy

A Must Read – How So Very Important Folic Acid Is For You & Your Baby

Flu During Pregnancy

What To Do About It

Gestational Diabetes Mellitus

What Is It And Who Is In Higher Risk Group?

Heartburn In Pregnancy

How It Happens & What To Do

Hepatitis In Pregnancy

What You Need To Know

HIV During Pregnancy

Essential Facts You Need To Know

Hypertension And Pregnancy

What You Need To Know

Hypothyroidism & Hyperthyroidism In Pregnancy

What You Really Need To Know

Implantation Bleed

What Is An Implantation Bleed

Inconclusive Pregnancy Scan

What Is An Inconclusive Pregnancy Scan

Massage During Pregnancy

Understanding The Benefits and Contraindications

Miscarriage Diagnosis Guidelines

Understanding The Guidelines – includes a consultant video

Obesity and Pregnancy

Some Valuable Information

Pesticides and Pregnancy

How Pesticides Affect Fetal Development

Sacroiliac Joint Dysfunction In Pregnancy

Causes, Symptoms & Treatment

Sjogren’s Syndrome and Pregnancy

Causes, Symptoms & Treatment

Smoking and Pregnancy

Some Great Tips To Become A Non-Smoker Before Becoming Pregnant

Threatened Miscarriage

What Is A Threatened Miscarriage


What Is Tokophobia

Vitamin D For Pregnancy

The Ultimate Guide About How Important It is…Especially In Ireland!!

What Is A Pregnancy Scan & Pregnancy Scans Explained

Two Features Explaining Pregnancy Scans