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Here at Merrion Fetal Health, we aim to offer you comprehensive information about the wide range of pregnancy ultrasound services we offer, as well as other information which you may find useful.

Pregnancy Scans

The pregnancy scans that we offer are listed below, where you see the colourful icons and the name of the scan. Click on these to read about each scan, and some also include videos presented by our consultants.

Harmony Prenatal Test

We also offer the Harmony Prenatal Test – to see a video presented by Prof. Fionnuala McAuliffe and to read about the test click on Harmony Prenatal Test.

Pregnancy Trimesters & Pregnancy Diary

We also have a section about what you can expect during each trimester, as well as the week by week pregnancy diary, which also includes ideas abour nutrition during your pregnancy. Below are quick links to both of these sections:

Pregnancy Trimesters

Pregnancy Diary

On each page of the website, a little further down, you will find a choice of boxes that lead to different information sections.

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Our aim is to make our website and blog as informative as possible over time.  If you feel that there is a question or issue which we have not covered here or in our blog, please e-mail:

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