Reflexology For Anxiety In Pregnancy-Find Out How It Could Work

anxiety in pregnancy

In today’s society the word anxiety covers a multitude of reactions and conditions, and in its mildest form anxiety may be a valid and useful reaction, depending on the circumstances.  However many levels of anxiety, and what are termed anxiety disorders, can be disruptive to a person’s functioning and to their quality of life.  In some cases the disruption can be extreme and serious.

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Reflexology For Pregnancy-What Are The Benefits?

reflexology for pregnancy benefits-hand points

Reflexology is a complementary therapy that may be able to help some women before, during and after pregnancy. This feature looks at the possible benefits of reflexology for pregnancy.

What is reflexology?

Reflexology is a natural complementary therapy that works on the basis that all parts of your body have key links to certain areas in your extremities, namely your feet, legs, hands, face and ears. It has existed in some form for thousands of years, with Egyptian and Chinese natural medicine confident of its benefits. Throughout the years it has developed as an expert technique and has been recognised in the Western world since the early 20th century.

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Acupuncture During Pregnancy-Benefits, Do’s & Don’ts

healthy weight gain for baby and you in pregnancy

Acupuncture during pregnancy can be especially good to relieve morning sickness, as well as help you manage a range of other pregnancy symptoms you’d rather not put up with. It is generally considered to be safe, and some women who go for acupuncture during pregnancy, will go back to the acupuncturist after giving birth. However like any other treatment that you are considering, make sure you check with your gynaecologist before going for acupuncture during pregnancy. Some acupuncturists specialise in working with pregnant women, so the ideal situation would be to get a recommendation from your doctor.

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Massage For Pregnant Women – Some Benefits And Contraindications

massage for pregnant women

If you feel like some pampering during pregnancy, massage for pregnant women can be a good option. Massage can also help ease back pain, stiffness and soreness, and as your endorphins get moving you’ll start to feel uplifted. When booking a massage during pregnancy, do firstly check that the massage therapist specialises in pregnancy massage, as your needs are different at this time. Here are some of the benefits of massage for pregnant women, as well as what you should be aware of, before going for a treatment.

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Anxiety During Pregnancy-6 Sensible Advice Sections For You

anxiety during pregnancy

Anxiety during pregnancy was not something that you had on your agenda for the 9 months that your new family member is growing inside you. However you are not alone, and many women experience anxiety in pregnancy. Did you know that between 5 and 16% of women experience some type of anxiety disorder either during pregnancy or post partum? Also that 10% of pregnant women experience anxiety attacks?

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