Anatomy Survey Pregnancy Scan

18 – 22 WEEKS


(to include photographs and computerised report)

  • this scan consists of a full anatomical survey.
  • to determine the position of the baby
  • to determine the location of the placenta
  • to check the amniotic fluid around the baby
  • to monitor the growth of the baby to ensure that it is growing normally

Anatomy Survey Scan-What To Expect At Merrion Fetal Health

The scan which is also referred to as the routine scan or the 20 week scan.  This scan essentially examines the baby’s anatomy in a detailed manner and is carried out between 18 and 22 gestational weeks.  The anatomy scan is a non invasive trans-abdominal scan, and it is not necessary to attend the clinic with a full bladder for the twenty week scan.

When you attend the Merrion Fetal Health Clinic for an anatomy survey scan, it is quite possible that you may have been at the clinic for an early pregnancy scan, but if you have not been with us before then you will fill out a registration form when you arrive.  You will await your sonographer in the waiting room.   Your sonographer will bring you to the ultrasound room and confirm your details before performing the ultrasound scan.

Lots of the time your sonographer will be examining anatomical details of your baby which are not obvious to you.

The sonographer will check all your baby’s organs and take measurements and images.  She will check your baby’s face, baby’s spine, baby’s abdominal wall, baby’s heart, kidneys and stomach.  Your baby’s arms legs, hands and feet will also be checked.   Measurements of the baby’s head circumference, abdominal circumference and femur will be taken.

As well as checking the how your baby is growing the sonographer will check the placenta, the umbilical cord and the amniotic fluid.

The team at Merrion Fetal Health wish to ensure that your visit is as relaxing as possible and we welcome any questions, so please do not hesitate to ask your sonographer any questions you may have.

Do you wish to know the gender of your baby?

At around 19 weeks it can be possible to tell the sex of the baby at this scan, but it is not always.  The baby may not be in a favourable position to determine the gender.

However if you would like to know the gender of your baby please inform your sonographer at beginning of your ultrasound.   Determining the sex of the baby is not always an easy job as we are depending on baby to be in a position that allows us to visualise the genital area and the baby does not always oblige.

What will happen if a problem is suspected?

If at the time of scan a problem is suspected, you will be told at that stage that there may be a problem.  A full discussion of the problem may require you to come back for further scanning and a discussion with one of our fetal medicine specialists.  This can usually be organised within 24 hours if the problem is deemed urgent.  Most problems that need repeat scanning are not serious and approximately 15% of scans will need to be repeated of one reason or another.

At the end of your 20 week scan you will be given images of your baby and a detailed report on the findings of your scan.  A copy of this report will be sent to your obstetrician and/or GP as required.

To book an Anatomy Survey Pregnancy Scan please call (01) 663 5060 or use the Make a Booking online form.  This scan is from 18 weeks to 22 weeks.

MFH is conveniently located in Dublin 2 and offers ultrasound for all stages of pregnancy  including early pregnancy scans, nuchal scans, anatomy and growth scans. Merrion Fetal  Health is open to all women not just those attending the National Maternity Hospital.

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